Ain't Nobody Got Time For That · Bad Poetry

Things I Will Put Up Your Ass If You Don’t STFU

I think it’s only fair to say That things are not so great today So now that I have made that clear There’s something else you need to hear Your nonsense, drivel, and BS Will light me up, I must confess So curb your smack, your jibes, your sass Your inane posts, your lack of… Continue reading Things I Will Put Up Your Ass If You Don’t STFU

Everything Else

Good Fortune

Can we all agree that the level of commitment required to not only convey but actually demonstrate the message really ups the credibility factor for this gutsy little fortune?



Housework and Working On The House: 2 Entirely Different Things · Share-Cropping

(Almost) Every Now and (a) Then

iShared in a previous post the concept of online Share-Cropping–the framing of photos in such a way as to convey all the #winning you’ve got going on in spite of the “big picture” conveying a more complete and #unwinning truth. To wit: Every year I post pictures of our freshly re-assembled screened porch. They are,… Continue reading (Almost) Every Now and (a) Then