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(Almost) Every Now and (a) Then

iShared in a previous post the concept of online Share-Cropping–the framing of photos in such a way as to convey all the #winning you’ve got going on in spite of the “big picture” conveying a more complete and #unwinning truth.

To wit: Every year I post pictures of our freshly re-assembled screened porch. They are, literally, picture perfect. I primp and fluff and swap and fuss until that Spring’s rendition is ready for its close-up. They get a bunch of likes and it makes me happy to share these shots of our favorite place in the house.

Spring 2015
wtf ‘16?
Spring 2017
Last Year (2018)

Porch Season is pretty short here in New Hampshire. Time-constraints and iffy weather have put us behind schedule, and adding painting to this year’s porch prep has only made things worse, but nothing–NOTHING–was going to stop me once we started, so we compromised. We would tackle the “living” half of the porch first to allow me my happy place sometime before the leaves turn, and then we’d bang out the “dining” half.


When then might be is anybody’s guess.

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