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A Song Has No Name

One night over 20 years ago, MrB heard this GREAT SONG on Letterman. So GREAT was this SONG that it didn’t even matter what it was called because my darling

a) couldn’t remember, and

b)  would definitely know it when he heard it

And thus declared that we must buy the CD by this guy, whose name (of this MrB was quite sure) was Lyle Lovett.

Later that week I went to Ye Olde Music Shoppe and strolled the alphabetically arranged aisles until I got to the Ls. I want to say the album I chose from the surprisingly numerous offerings from this particular artist was “I Love Everybody”, but I’m not really sure. We played it at home that night, and we loved it, but the GREAT SONG wasn’t on it. I told MrB not to worry because there were lots of choices from this guy. Who knew?

The next time we hit the music store, we sprung for two discs: the one with his Large Band looked interesting, and that one named “Pontiac” sounded kinda familiar. Well, holy shit! This guy was phenomenal, and we were completely hooked! Although, oddly, the GREAT SONG eluded us still.

The years continued to pass, and we continued to listen and to acquire albums old and albums new, plus three live performances, each gussied up with all manner of talent and style. We were captivated from the very first, and we never looked back. Well, that is except for that one damned SONG.

We finally had to admit that it was entirely possible that if MrB had

a) remembered the name of the GREAT SONG and

b) actually had known it when he heard it,

He’d have figured out that it was probably someone else who’d given that inspiring performance on The Late Show all those years ago.

So thank you, Mystery Musician, for inadvertently leading us to such a treasured part of our life’s soundtrack.  Hopefully, you know who you are.  We sure as hell don’t.

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