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How do iLove thee? Let me count the apps, gigabytes, and weather alerts. Let me hold in my hand the libraries of the world and the pictures of the largest ass pimple in Nebraska. Let me set individual ring tones and alarms and reminders to not forget my phone. And if we should become separated,… Continue reading iLie

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That · Bad Poetry

F*ck Asterisks

I think before we go too far, I really should explain

For often, just as when I speak, my writing is profane

You do not have to like it, and you do not have to stay

‘Cause I can guarantee you it’ll happen anyway


Feel free to be offended, or, in horror, fan your face

But you can also kiss my ass and find another space

I want you to feel welcome, so I’m striving to be clear

Those uptight sensibilities won’t sit well over here


So, if you have the strength to overlook this flaw of mine

Pull up a chair, you fucking freak

I love you! Have some wine!



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I Haven’t Written Because I Don’t Want To Buy Snow Tires This Year

Woohoo! YeeHaw! I have a blog! Look at me, look at me!! Oh, and by the way, it’s possible that I’m going to find ways to make myself too busy to do anything with it, now that I’ve thrown it in your face –and- it’s possibly going to happen a lot. {cue: shooting star and distinctive… Continue reading I Haven’t Written Because I Don’t Want To Buy Snow Tires This Year