Bad Poetry

Ask me a question, I’ll tell you no lays.

I like to make up ditties, on that you can rely,
But how to tell the difference between words “lay” and “lie”?
It can be complicated,
Not sure I can clarify.
But since nobody’s asked me to,
Ah, what the hell.
I’ll try.
A tablecloth can’t tell a LIE but is LAID upon a table.
Some other things that can be LAID are cable, tile, (and Mabel?)
But should dear Mabel’s head ache, she’d be best off LYING down,
And even more confusing, LIE can also be a noun.
If you are placing something, then the word you want is LAY.
If you happen to keep chickens, they LAY eggs most every day.
A book you aren’t reading can be LAID upon a shelf.
If you only win by cheating, you are LYING to yourself.
I guess the thing you need to know is LIE means to recline,
Except when you share a mistruth, in which case you are LYING.
To complicate things even more, past tense of LIE is LAY.
You know, I think I’m making things more difficult this way.
The internet’s a wondrous place, with all the tools you need
To learn the subtle differences of LAY/LIE or LEAD/LEAD.
So sorry if I’ve caused your understanding to be less
Than it was prior to your plowing through this wordy mess.
Please know inciting bafflement was never my intention,
And I’ll bet your starting to regret you ever read the question.
Thanks for your non-inquiry, I meant to help you see,
But now I, too, am so confused.

Can you explain to me??
“Confusion is nothing new.” ~KimB Blogger

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