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Give ‘Em Enough Rope


In case you want to hum along while waiting in line at the polls

I am  your vote on a string, I mark your paper ballot

Who knew a string could be so fancy?

Ba da Boom! Ba da Bing! Pencils ROCK!

May be a low-techy thing, not much to say about me

But today I’m in my glory

Look at me! Without me, you can’t vote!

Who knew the powers I’d bring, dangling from purple string?

No matter whom you give your vote, I’m the one who’ll let them know

I am your vote on a string, here to do your bidding

I will gladly mark your choices

Ba da Bing! Ba da Boom! Pencils ROCK!

I’ll do whatever you say, and then you must go away

I’m checking boxes all day… well, ’til 8PM, anyway

I am your vote on a string, simple and effective

Any other day you’d mock me

Not today! I’ll make sure you have your say! 

And now you know why I say, Pencils ROCK!


V-O-T-E or S-T-F-U

Whether you flip switches, punch holes, touch screens or tie up pencils, “Use them, Rosie…that’s what they’re there for!”

With thanks to the Chairman of the Board and The Boss, I am TheKimBrown, and I approve this message.








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